~By, a Vocal Sound Speaker~
 By Eric Van Ramshorst
The sound comes quick and swift, 
a shake takes over her hips. 
Clapping hands to the beat, Boom, Clack, and Snap. 
Her head slowly begins to sway, lost in the music she is lifted from this place. 
Free, free, free, she can’t be touched or seen, she moves within notes, and electronic tones. 
The floor lights up for the placement of her feet, she has no say in the way she twists and shifts. 
She smiles, as the sweat runs down her perfect brown face flushed with kinetic energy from the music’s transition as it smacks her ear drum. 
Her brown, weightless, springy hair, moves from her body as she slides, 
hands finding there way to the air reaching for the impossible. Capturing the notes, as they are shot forth.
Click, Snap, Kick. 
Her eyes closed not wanting to accept her world, their world, your world.
She will open her brown eyes to see if the music has entered a visible state, but closes them as quick as a beat change. 
Her legs slender, but strong hop, skip, and twist making life perfect and capturing the moment in a mental state of stellar accounts, 
and all the moments that will never come to this. 
Freedom is music, 
dance, this enjoyment she has of feeling alone, and beautiful. 
Freedom only lasts three minutes and 27 seconds.
 "Coming of Age"
Photo By: Jane Thissen

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