Just Doing It Professionally

By Andrew Polzin

It is expressly and with the most common, efficient, and pointedly-abstract language utilization that the dictator of this message, here to be identified as and held in reference to as the expressive party, intends to articulate the simplistic ideology to those all those observing the statement, here to be identified and held in reference to as the observational party, this message: the individual or assemblage who comprises the entirety of the observational party, should proceed deliberately; with an inferred, heightened level of persistency,  forward with an exploit.  The essential temperament of this dictation also unswervingly implores that while the observational party is in the process of and/or in the moment immediately temporally preceding the aforementioned exploit, the observational party is recommended to utilize the minimum quantity of conscious logical reasoning necessary or sufficient to implement, or attempt to implement, the aforementioned exploit. It is of substantial importance to comprehend the overall ambiguity of which exploit is being dictated by the expressive party to the observational party; in all factuality no specification what so ever is made which can be taken to be guidelines restricting the aforementioned exploit, with the obvious exception of those previously mentioned,  by the expressive party should rightly lead to the deduction by the observational party that regardless of the exploit of at hand it should follow those guidelines which have been presented here previously.  Conclusively, it becomes evident that the expressive party in this instance is requesting and/or commanding the observational party to: “just do it.”



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