Dreamer’s Season

By Rebecca Reinhold
Like a blue bird I flit from branch to branch.
On the wind I sail, as the sun sets over the hills.
Life is grand.
As the leaf quivers and flutters from its bough, 
the smell of hazelnut and chocolate fill the air.
A warm glow touches the rosy cheek of all within.
                        ...is here.

                                                                                                                                    Photo by Karlee Simkowski

A Poem for a Friend
By Daniel S. Broadbent
How can the essence of our existence be so vague?
Why is it that when everything seems so clear and full of life that it all falls apart?
How can anyone persevere under these conditions?
All of these questions can be answered with two words, “We must.” 
And it is as simple as that. 
Life with all of its complexities is solved with simplicity. 
It is so very difficult to learn that humanity is not made of concrete but rather clay. 
For if we were made of concrete life would destroy our solidity, leaving nothing but dust in its wake. 
But as clay no matter the amount of crushing turmoil life sends flowing down, 
It is simply soaked in until the excess washes away the pain and parts of us that are now dead. 
Then and only then as a large jumbled clump of what makes us human and who we are, 
Our soul is able to pick up the pieces and allow life to mold us once again. 
Photo by Katie Nolan
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