From the Editors

[From Feminist Collections v.24, no.1 (Fall 2002)]

I thought about temporarily renaming this column "To Our Readers," or even "Please Read This!" in the hope that more folks will notice what I'm about to say:

We want something from you.

1. Thoughts: For one thing, we'd like to receive letters "To the Editors" that we can print on this page--or not. Does that formal-sounding heading put you off? Then how about dashing off an email message? You can write to us at the Women's Studies Librarian or We want feedback, discussion, criticism, whatever; it doesn't have to be praise! We don't promise to publish your letter or message, but we promise not to print it if you say you don't want us to.

2. Zines! Did you read the article by M.L. ("Mhaire") Fraser in the Summer issue? If you didn't, and you can't put your hands on a print copy of Feminist Collections v.24, no.1, you can go read a text version at, or email me for a PDF version with the actual fonts and graphics just as they appeared on paper. Mhaire reviewed a few longstanding zines that have now gone glossy, but in the future we'd love to see anything and everything that could fall into the category of "feminist" or "grrrl-ist." We're establishing a regular column, much like but separate from "Periodical Notes," in which zines that come to our attention will get a paragraph or two of description and comment, along with the vital details (how to contact the zinemaker to buy copies or subscribe).

If you are a zine publisher yourself, send a recent issue or two of your publication to us at the Office of the Women's Studies Librarian, 430 Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison, WI 53704, so we can consider reviewing it in the new column. If you can't afford to send free samples, email the purchase info to us, and we'll get you a check. By the way, the publisher/maker of any zine we review will get two free copies of the FC issue in which the review appears.

If you don't publish a zine but you know a feminist or "grrrl" who does, give her a copy of Mhaire's article, along with this page, and encourage her to send in her stuff!

3. Reviews: O.K., so maybe you don't think you're hip enough for the zine scene (although that's arguable: Mhaire says that "anyone can make a zine," and even this non-hip forty-six-year-old is thinking about doing just that). If you'd rather do your publishing in a more scholarly or traditional vein, consider writing a review of books, videos, websites, or other resources for FC. Right now we're especially looking for people who can review resources on feminism and religion, with many subtopics available, from Christian feminist theology to Midrashic literature to Sufism. But we're scouting out lots of other topics too, especially ones about which we haven't published anything in a few years. Contact us with some information about your interest, as well as your qualifications for writing on the particular topic. If you have some specific titles in mind (they should be recently published/released), that's great too, although we are prepared to come up with lists of books or videos (and acquire review copies). Alas, we don't pay our reviewers! But you'll get your name in print and a reference to put on your vita, along with two free copies of the issue in which your review is published -- and, if the reviewed items are books, you get to keep them!

Enough demands, you say? (Have you noticed that we have not asked for money?) O.K., relax. Whether or not you have something for us, here's something for you: the slightly off-season Fall 2002 issue of Feminist Collections for your reading pleasure. There's a review of films about being lesbian or gay in South Africa and Zimbabwe, an overview of some websites that focus on ecofeminism, and a book review on feminist science studies, as well as our regular other columns. Can't find "Computer Talk"? We decided to bring that one into the new millenium with a new name: "E-Sources on Women & Gender"; it starts on page 12.

And, of course, if you feel like responding to any of these articles in a letter or email message to us, we're eagerly watching our mailbox.



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