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ACTIVIST EPIZINE: A MAGAZINE OF PROFEMINIST ACTIVISM 1996- . Eds.: Editorial committee. Approx. 4/yr. $17 (sliding scale to $10). Overseas add $7 postage. Sexual Exploitation Project, 1811 NE 39th Ave., Portland, OR 97212; email: (Issue examined: v.1, no.3)

An outgrowth, apparently, of the Activist Men's Journal, this somewhat irregular magazine focuses on men's profeminist activism, with such articles as: "Because They Can" (on why men batter and rape); "How to Form a Men Against Rape Group" (Jack Straton); "Back to the Garden" (David S. Shaw); "Tupac Shakur and Black Masculinity" (Vernon McClean); "Homosexuality and the Bible" (reprint by Walter Wink listing behaviors either prohibited by the Bible that are now viewed as fine, or encouraged by the Bible that are now seen as unacceptable); and a protest statement on the film The People vs. Larry Flint.

AFRICAN JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH 1997- . Eds.: Friday E. Okonofua, Rachel C. Snow. 2/yr. $15 (indiv. - Africa); $30 (indiv. - outside Africa); $20 (inst. - Africa); $50 (inst. - outside Africa). Add N 100 (local) or $5 (international) postage. Single copy: $25. Editorial Office, Dept. of Population & International Health, Harvard School of Public Health, 665 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115 or No. 4 Alofoje Avenue, Off Uwasota Street, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria; website: (Issue examined: v.1, no.1, March 1997)

Because "as many as ten percent of African women of reproductive age continue to die needlessly from pregnancy- related complications," (p.5), The Women's Health and Action Research Center (WHARC) began this journal as a "pan-African and international forum for health scientists to document and disseminate their findings on reproductive problems in sub- Saharan Africa" (pp.3-4). Among the topics in this 114-page innaugural issue are unsafe abortion, HIV/AIDS prevention, urbanization, traditional fertility practices, sex workers and barriers to condom use.

CIRCLES 1998- . Ed./Publisher: Kit McChesney. 6/yr. $24.95 (U.S.); $34.95 (Canada, Mexico); $50 (elsewhere). Single copy: $4.95 (U.S.); $5.95 (Canada). 1705 Fourteenth St., Suite 326, Boulder, CO 80302-6321; email:; website: (Issues examined: v.1, no.1, March-April 1998; v.1, no.2, June 1998)

What began in October 1996 as a magazine for the Colorado lesbian community has gone national in a big way, complete with national advertisers. Among the topics covered in the magazine's first two issues: the cons of legal marriage; the Lesbian Health Advocacy Movement; stories from the "Love Makes a Family" photo exhibit; gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth; an interview with comedienne Kate Clinton; transsexual lovers; the National Center for Lesbian Rights and its executive director Kate Kendell.

DREAM/GIRL 1997- . Ed.: Frances O. Dowell. 4/yr. $10. Single copy: $3. ISSN 1097-3508. P.O. Box 639, Carrboro, NC 27510. (Issue examined: v.1, no.3, Summer 1998)

Subtitled "The Arts Magazine for Girls," and with the goal of providing "info on art-related matters for girls...11 to 15," this quarterly carries a number of interesting pieces, including an interview with author Sarah Dessen, "The Art of Thrift," tips on what to find in the library, "Alt.Country" on country-punk music, "Printmaking Made Easy," "Grow Your Own Book Group this Summer," and in the "First Person: Artists Talk about Their Art" section, actor Diana Slickman. A clean layout, book and music reviews, and occasional poems enhance the issue.

ERRATA 1997- . Ed.: S. Lynette Bondarchuk. Cdn$9. ISSN 1206-9302. Edmonton Small Press Association, P.O. Box 75086, Ritchie Postal Outlet, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 6K1, Canada. (Issue examined: No.1, August 1997)

Subtitled "Contemporary Visual and Literary Art," this compendium of 150 pages of cartoons, commentary, short fiction, "news and views," as well as ads, creates a potpourri intended to "increase the awareness of contemporary comic Art by Women in Canada,... to put young, starving, contemporary comic artists to work, doing work that they love to do,... to break gender barriers," and more. The title is taken from Mary Daly's Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language, which gives the meaning of "errata" as "1: Defiant/Deviant women 2: the works of such women...."

HEAVY GIRL PRESS 1997?- . Ed.: Kerry Daniels. $5 Cdn. orders + postage; $6 U.S. orders + postage. #823-77 Huntley St., Toronto, ON, M4Y 2P3, Canada; email: (Issues examined: No.1; No.2)

This Toronto-based fanzine is "dedicated to all women, but specifically sets out to celebrate, explore and unite fat women of all ethno-racial backgrounds and sexualities" (p.44, No.2). The first issue, in 8-1/2 x 11-inch format, offers 22-pages of cartoon art, articles (such as "What Roseanne Gave Us"), poetry, and an editorial. In 5 x 8 format, the second issue includes media reviews, more art (and a truly bright cover!), recipes, and such articles as "Heavy Guys: The Big Fat Double Standard."

THE MAUD POWELL SIGNATURE: WOMEN IN MUSIC 1995- . Ed.: Pamela J. Blevins. 4/yr. $28 (but currently not accepting subscriptions). ISSN 1083-5954. 5333 N. 26th St., Arlington, VA 22207; email: (Issue examined: v.1, no.4, Spring, Summer 1996)

Named for the U.S.'s first "violin virtuoso of international standing" (publicity), this publication carries news of a host of classical women composers and performers. Past issues have included features on English musicologist Marion Scott, composer/conductor Ruth Gipps, pianist Julianne McLean, singer Maria Garcia Malibran, composer Elinor Remick Warren, the experiences of Black women in orchestras, Jeanette Thurber (founder of the National Conservatory of Music); Jenny Lind; folk music collector Jennie Devlin; composer/harpsichordist Jacquet de la Guerre; and many more musicians. Though temporarily not accepting further subscriptions, the magazine nonetheless is seeking support, as its original funder quite suddenly withdrew support "on the grounds that a magazine about women in music is 'a waste of time'" (letter).

NASHIM: A JOURNAL OF JEWISH WOMEN'S STUDIES & GENDER ISSUES 1998- . Ed.: Deborah Greniman. 2/yr. $25 (indiv.); $20 (student); $45 (inst.) (includes surface mail anywhere). ISSN 0793-8934. International Research Institute on Jewish Women, Brandeis University, Lown 300A, mailstop 079, Waltham, MA 02254-9110; email: (Issue examined: No.1, 57581/1998)

Within its 168 pages, this first issue focuses on the theme "Women and the Land of Israel" in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the first Zionist Congress. Partial contents: "A Tale of Three Rachels, or The Cultural Herstory of a Symbol" (Susan Sered); "Patriarchy, the Land of Israel and the Legal Position of Jewish Women in Rabbinic Literature" (Tal Ilan); "The Double or Multiple Image of the New Hebrew Woman" (Margalit Shilo); "Irma `Rama' Lindheim: An Independent American Zionist Woman" (Shulamit Reinharz); plus an article and review on "Women in the Rabbinate" and a separate book review.

NEWS FROM MAITREE 1997- . Ed.: Sanhita Resource Center. 2/yr. SANHITA, 89B Raja Basanta Roy Road, Calcutta-700 029, India. (Issue examined: March 8, 1998)

Maitree, a coalition of women's groups and activists in West Bengal, publishes this newsletter in the interests of "making this platform [of groups] into an organized force" and introducing Maitree to activists beyond West Bengal. Reports in the eight-page sample newsletter note the death of a social worker due, perhaps, to abuse by her husband; a photo exhibition on the role of Indian women in the history of the country; International Fortnight Against Violence on Women; work against alcohol and trafficking in women and children; a seminar on crimes against women; questioning of women's dress by school authorities; and much more.

SAFERE: SOUTHERN AFRICAN FEMINIST REVIEW 1995?- . Ed.: Ruth Meena. 2/yr. Z$100 (Zimbabwe); US$35 (Africa); US$40 (elsewhere). ISSN 1024-9451. Safere, Gender Division, P.O. Box MP 111, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe. (Issues examined: v.2, no.1, 1996; v.2, no.2, 1997)

Each sample issue has a special focus, the first on "Sexuality, Identity and Change," the second on "Feminist Discourses in Southern Africa." There are articles, reports, and book reviews in each, and in addition the Sexuality issue includes poetry, "reflections," and debates. Topics in the issues include Winnie Mandela and "Black Woman" as signifier; women in the commercial farming sector of Zimbabwe; a pan-African women's seminar; gender as an important development issue in Southern Africa; and the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town.

WOMAN 1996- . Ed./Publ.: Elizabeth Scott. 4/yr. $12.84 (indiv., Canada); $21 (U.S.); $24 (elsewhere, surface); $30 (elsewhere, air). Single copy: $3.95. ISSN1205-9935. 422 Parliament St., P.O. Box 82510, Toronto, ON M5A 3A0, Canada; email:; website: (Issues examined: Spring 1998; Summer 1998)

There are lots of ads to help pay for the forty sharp pages of each newsprint-size Canadian Women's Quarterly Newsmagazine, printed on nice paper, but also plenty of informational articles. An interview with Gloria Steinem, some Web pointers, and items on women entrepreneurs, adoption, treating infertility, kegel exercises, franchising, farm women, eating disorders, and more are complemented by book and film reviews and columns on humor and women's history.


HISTORY & MEMORY v.8, no.2, Fall/Winter 1996: "Hannah Arendt and Eichmann in Jerusalem." Ed.: Gulie Ne'eman Arad. Subscriptions: $20 (indiv.); $30 (inst.). Surface postage outside U.S.: $7. ISSN 0935-560X. Journals Manager, Indiana University Press, 601 North Morton St., Bloomington, IN 47404.

Contents: "The Ambivalences of German-Jewish Identity: Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem" (Richard Wolin); "Identity, Perspective and Narrative in Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem" (Seyla Benhabib); "Eichmann, Arendt and Freud in Jerusalem: On the Evils of Narcissism and the Pleasures of Thoughtlessness" (José Brunner); "Between Eichmann and Kant: Thinking on Evil after Arendt" (Adi Ophir); and "When Actor and Spectator Meet in the Courtroom: Reflections on Hannah Arendt's Concept of Judgment" (Leora Y. Bilsky).

LABOUR HISTORY REVIEW v.63, no.1, 1998: "Gender and Work." Guest eds.: Pamela Sharpe, Harriet Bradley. Subscriptions: £17.50 (indiv., UK&EU); £22 (indiv., overseas); $40 (indiv., North Am.); 35 (inst., UK&EU); 38.50 (inst., overseas), $70 (inst., North Am.). Single copy: 12.95. ISSN 0961-5652. Journals Dept., Edinburgh University Press, 22 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LF, UK.

From a series of seminars at Bristol University 1996-1997: "`To Bridle the Falsehood of Unconscionable Workmen, and For Her Own Satisfaction': What the Jacobean Housewife Needed to Know about Men's Work, and Why" (Michael Roberts); "Female-headed Households in Early Industrial Britain: The Vanguard of the Proletariat?" (Jane Humphreys); "The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor: Women Editors in the French Cinema of the 1930s" (Siân Reynolds); and "`They Didn't Want Women Back in that Job'": The Second World War and the Construction of Gendered Work Histories" (Penny Summerfield).

NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RIGHTS v.14, Part 1: "Symposium 1997: Finding a Path to Gender Equality: Legal and Policy Issues Raised by All-Female Public Education." Single issue: $10.00. Journal of Human Rights, Coordinator of Co-Curricular Programs, New York Law School, 57 Worth St., New York, NY 10013.

Panel One: "East Harlem Girls School"; Panel Two: "Constitutional, Statutory, and Policy Issues Raised by All- Female Public Education"; Panel Three: "Educational and Social Scientific Perspectives on All-Female Education." Articles: "Of Two Minds: Single-Sex Education, Coeducation, and the Search for Gender Equity in K-12 Public Schooling" (Patricia B. Campbell & Ellen Wahl); "The House That Ruth Built: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gender and Justice" (Carol Pressman); plus a note by Jason M. Bernheimer: "Single-Sex Public Education: Separate But Equal Is Not Equal at The Young Women's Leadership School in New York City."

PEACE & CHANGE v.22, no.3, July 1997: "Forum: Gender, Rhetoric, and Peace Discourse." Exec. eds.: Scott L. Bills, Sudarshan Kapoor. Subscriptions: $59.50 (indiv., North Am.); $68 (indiv., elsewhere); $157 (inst., North Am.); $165 (inst., elsewhere). Single copy: $21 (indiv., North Am.); $23 (indiv., elsewhere); $45 (inst., North Am.); $47.50 (inst., elsewhere). ISSN 0149-0508. Blackwell Publishers, 350 Main St., Malden, MA 02148.

Lead article: "Metaphors of Control Toward a Language of Peace: Recent Self-Defining Rhetorical Constructs of Helen Caldicott" (Margaret Cavin, Katherine Hale, Barry Cavin); Commentaries: "What Is an Effective Language of Peace?" (April Gordon); "Moving Beyond the Metaphors of Conflict Toward a True(er) Peace" (Cynthia A. Brincat); "In Search of Counterhegemonic Discourses of Peace" (Simona Sharoni); and "Demystifying Helen Caldicott - The Australian Experience" (Ralph Summy, Hilary Neil).

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN PRESENTS Special Issue, v.9, no.2, Summer 1998: "Women's Health." Subscriptions: $19.80 ($23.80 outside U.S.). Single copy: $4.95 + $2 postage/handling (outside U.S. add $5 postage/handling). ISSN 1048-0943. Scientific American, Dept. SAQ, 415 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10017-1111.

Partial contents of this quarterly (which is separate from the Scientific American monthly publication): for women in their 20s: "Dying to Be Thin," "Help for Victims of Rape," "What Women Need to Know about Sexually Transmitted Diseases"; for those in their 30s and 40s: "Why Are So Many Women Depressed," "The Female Orgasm," "The Ethics of Assisted Reproduction," "Get Moving: How Much Exercise is Enough?"; for the 50s and 60s: "Bad Day at the Office?", "Menopause and the Brain," "Fat Chances"; and for the 70s and up: "Why Women Live Longer than Men," "At More Risk for Alzheimer's?", and "Having a Ball: Tips on Enjoying a Long and Healthy Life." Another section offers questions and answers on migraine headaches, infertility, osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, and more.

SOCIOLOGICAL SPECTRUM v.18, no.3, 1998: "Women and Power: Arenas of Change." Guest ed.: Jackie Eller. Subscriptions: US$83/£50 (indiv.); US$195/£118 (inst.). ISSN 0273-2173. 1900 Frost Rd., Suite 101, Bristol, PA 19007.

Following the introduction are these articles: "Women and Power in Sociology: SWS as an Arena of Change" (Kathryn M. Feltey, Beth Rushing); "The Rhetoric of Domination and its Strategic Use by Homeless Mothers" (Cynthia J. Bogard); "Victim Feminism/Victim Activism" (Dawn McCaffrey); "Unions' Empowerment of Working-Class Women: A Case Study" (Barbara Thomas Coventry, Marietta Morrissey); "Low-Income Women and Community Power" (Judith N. DeSena); and "Women at the Intersection of Business and Government: Are They in Places of Power?" (Denise Benoit Scott).


AGENDA: EMPOWERING WOMEN FOR GENDER EQUITY is embarking on its second decade of publishing in South Africa. Editor is Lou Haysom and the most recent issue is No.37, focusing on " New Men?" Address: P.O. Box 18983, Dalbridge 4014, South Africa; website:

RFR/DRF (RESOURCES FOR FEMINIST RESEARCH/DOCUMENTATION SUR LA RECHERCHE FEMINISTE) is celebrating twenty-five years of publishing by changing its format to a more traditional scholarly size with v.26, nos.1-2, 1998. This will mean fewer articles per issue, but the editors plan to "continue to demonstrate the high quality of feminist research generated in Canada" and also "do not want to forsake our ties to the community that creates the knowledge base from which we publish" (p.9). For information, contact RFR/DRF at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, 252 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1V6, Canada; email:; website:


BAD ATTITUDE 1992-1997. Eds.: Collective. 121 Railton Rd., London SE24 0LR, UK. (Info from off our backs, June 1998, p.7)

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