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  • The Long Term Impact of the War on Terror on International Criminal Law 

    Cruzat, Natalie Grace (2022-05)
    The War on Terror’s legal legacy has been a subject of interest for many years now, yet its overall long-term on International Criminal Law (ICL) has yet to be examined in detail. In exploring select cases, this paper hopes ...
  • Minority Stress and Intersectionality : A Meta-Analysis 

    Warwick-Mick, Tyler Jean (2022-05)
    Minority stress theory provides researchers with a foundational base for studies within the marginalized community. Intersectionality describes the interlocking systems of oppression faced by minority individuals. The goal ...
  • Oral History Interview, Alexia Kulwiec (1598) 

    Kulwiec, Alexia (2016-11-18)
    In the November 18th 2016 interview with Faith Hoffmeyer, Alexia Kulwiec offered insight into her early life, education, career, and volunteer work. Alexia is from the UW-Extension School for Workers, she is the former ...
  • Oral History Interview, Joseph Latham (1599) 

    Latham, Joseph (2016-12-01)
    In his December 2016 interview with August Hirschboeck, Joseph Latham described his experiences working in the restaurant industry, both as a server and in other related positions. He spoke first on how he got started in ...
  • Oral History Interview, Bill Klein (1597) 

    Klein, Bill (2016-10-25)
    In his October 2016 interview with Stephanie Hoff, William (Bill) Klein shared a few pieces of his early life as a teenager, where he lived, and why he decided to attend secondary schooling. Bill Klein (BK) also spoke about ...

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