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  • Aging in Place: An Analysis of Land Use Accessibility in Madison, WI 

    Sanford, Cassandra (2021)
    Introduction: Americans are living longer than they ever have before. By 2060, there are expected to be 98 million Americans aged 65 and over, twice as many as there were in 2015. Additionally, the 85+ population, which ...
  • The Katrina Moment: Rethinking Disaster with Black Geographies 

    Caldwell, Kela E. (2021)
    Prelude: I spent two years working in homeless services in Los Angeles after graduating from college in 2016, matching unhoused individuals to long-term housing opportunities, supporting outreach, ...
  • Dance, Precarity & Covid-19 in Two Global Art Cities 

    Gerlowski, Lauren (2021)
    During time in isolation and quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, professional dancers have had little interaction with their careers amidst the global health crisis. While technological innovations have been creatively ...
  • Alayna Shaw Oral History Interview 

    Shaw, Alayna (UW-Stout Archives and Area Research Center, 2021)
    Alayna talks about the safe spaces she has found within the LGBTQIA+ community and how the support of her friends and sister has made it easier to come out.
  • Ellie Rudolph Oral History Interview 

    Rudolph, Ellie (UW-Stout Archives and Area Research Center, 2021)
    As a transgender student, Ellie shares her experience at Stout, in the dorms, on campus and in Menomonie. Ellie also discusses coming out at Stout and how safe and supported she felt on campus.

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