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MINDS@UW Oshkosh
  • John Enger Reminiscence Speech 

    Enger, John (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2011-03-09)
    John Enger served under three chancellors and was a senior adviser to Charles W. Sorensen, particularly in the areas of government and media relations; issues and crisis management; and legal and policy affairs. His office ...
  • Harold Halfin Reminiscence Speech 

    Halfin, Harold (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2010-12-08)
    Harold Halfin came to the Stout Institute as a graduate student in 1953. He taught five machine shop classes as graduate student for H.C. Milnes, who taught shop, pattern making and in the foundry. After graduating in 1951, ...
  • Pasīpahkīhnen: Stories of Survivance 

    Abbs, Meredith; Antos, Josh; Beirne, Quinn; Brigham, Jill; Burns, Kristy; DeLain, Maverick; Doherty, Shannon; Eager, Clinton; Frost, MacKenzie; Heiden, Rheya; Holz, Mason; Jenks, Maddie; Johnson, Bailey; Johnson, Lauren; Jones, Mackenzie; Jones, Monica; Krause, Jack; Lanik, Nadia; Mclean, Sophia; Moegenburg, Chad; Montzka, Sarah; Rogers, Matthew; Ryan, Jeremy; Schmit, Aurora; Stennett, Crysta; Turner, Claire (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2022)
    These panels share stories from within an hour’s drive of Stevens Point. As white settlement transformed the landscape, native people defied demands that they leave. They established places to live, ways of making a living, ...
  • Oral History Interview, Frank Larson and Myrna Traver Larson (591) 

    Larson, Frank; Traver Larson, Myrna (2002-10-27)
    In this 2002 oral history interview, Doctors Frank and Myrna Larson discuss their backgrounds and careers spent at University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. In his portion of the interview, Dr. Frank Larson discusses his ...
  • Oral History Interview, Dwayne Rohweder (1482) 

    Rohweder, Dwayne (2016-04)
    Dwayne Rohweder served the UW system and the state of Wisconsin as both an extension agent and as a faculty member in the Department of Agronomy. Initially working in Iowa as a coop extension agent, Rohweder eventually ...

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