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MINDS@UW Oshkosh
  • BIPOC medical student wellness: An interpretative phenomenological analysis 

    Mach, Mark (2024-05)
    Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color (BIPOC) medical student wellness has been studied almost exclusively by utilizing quantitative research methods. Few studies have looked at BIPOC medical student wellness through ...
  • Oral History Interview, Ed Almeida (1754) 

    Almeida, Ed (1986-10-14)
    Ed Almeida met with Robert Cole on October 14, 1986, to talk about his time working for Verne Powell. Almeida discussed mainly the time period between when he came to work for Powell through taking over the Powell Flutes ...
  • Oral History Interview, Friedrich Von Huene (2323) 

    Von Huene, Friedrich (1987-02-08)
    Friedrich Von Huene talked with Robert Cole on February 8, 1987, about his history working with Verne Powell and his time at Powell Flutes. Von Huene mainly discusses events that occurred during the 1960’s and the four ...
  • Oral History Interview, John Krell (2325) 

    Krell, John (1986-08-16)
    John Krell spoke with Robert Cole on August 16, 1986, about Verne Powell and the quality of Powell Flutes. Krell spoke about his time studying at Curtis Institute of Music near 1939 when he tried his first Powell Flute. ...
  • Oral History Interview, Doriot Dwyer (2324) 

    Dwyer, Doriot (1986-10-10)
    Doriot Dwyer talks with Robert Cole on October 10, 1986, and retells stories about her musical career, playing the flute and her relationship with Verne Powell. Dwyer spoke of the time between the 1936 Chicago World’s Fair ...

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