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  • An Introduction to Academic Librarianship 

    Callas, Jennie (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2019-10-30)
    Recording of the October 30, 2019, ACRL Presents: An Introduction to Academic Librarianship, with speaker Jennie E. Callas from the University of Wisconsin.
  • Characteristics of Advice: The Role of Help Seeker, Topic, Help Provider, and Interaction on College Students' Satisfaction with Advice 

    Roe, Chelsea L. (Division of Communication, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2020-06)
    College students deal with many unique issues which they often have limited experience with, and which require them to seek advice. However, little is known about how college students perceive the advice they receive and ...
  • Regenerative Selves: Yoga as a Pedagogy for Cultivating Relationality 

    Payne, Lynn Ellen (School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2020-04-16)
    This study explored whether and in what ways Yoga could cultivate relationality among practitioners and enable them to live sustainably and regeneratively through creating regenerative selves. It examined whether and how ...
  • Ground-Layer Invertebrate Communities are More Strongly Influenced by Tree Canopy than by Understory Plant Composition 

    Lind, Dana; Menard, Lawton; Shaikh, Samir; Suzali, Sorfina; Schneider, Tasha; Arumugam, Dihyanni; Hammick, Madisyn; Jehn, Julia; Jorgensen, Keith; Lemke, Kelly; Maksymkiw, Sophie; Marcus, Kathleen; Mutka, Amber; O'Keefe, Kerry; Plack, Naomi; Selvarajan, Raja; Weiher, Evan R. (2019-05)
    Ground-layer invertebrates (GLI) are an integral part of forest communities because of their ability to break down leaf litter. As key players in the process of nutrient cycling, they are essential to ecosystem functioning. ...
  • Jerry Hui Oral History Interview 

    Hui, Jerry (Chiwci) (UW-Stout Archives and Area Research Center, 2020-05-27)
    Stout choir director discusses how his class has changed with the pandemic as well as the advocacy work he's taken up. He discusses how this pandemic has exposed the inequities among university students.

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