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  • Higher Order Invariants via Quandles 

    Odegaard, Grace; Stickney, Benjamin; Vaughan, Michael; Yim, Kee Shen; Davis, Christopher (2018-05)
    The goal of this poster is to discuss a relationship between quandle theoretic invariants of links, linking number and a higher order analogue of linking number, called the triple linking number. More precisely, we present ...
  • Chinese Elderly : Psychological Wellbeing and Social Supporting Resources 

    O'Brien, Saffron; Riley, Ciara; Lefler, Zoya; Ji, Jianjun (2018-05)
    With an increasing population of elderly in China due to improved living conditions, increased health technology, and the former One Child Policy, understanding how social resources affect this population is increasingly ...
  • Supervisor and Employee Perceptions : Employees’ Perceptions of Their Supervisors’ Thoughts on Them 

    Poeske, Sanantha; O'Brien, Saffron; Shaw, Hannah; Dies, Sarah; Werner, Jessica; Fay, Martha J. (2018-05)
    Previous research has linked quality of the supervisor-employee relationship with job satisfaction. However, what employees perceive their supervisor thinks of them has not been examined. Quality of supervisor-employee ...
  • The Power of And : Which “Ands” Matter Most 

    Oakland, Adriana; Wyland, Rebecca (2018-05)
    The primary purpose of this study is to examine whether involvement in and congruency between life domain activities increases university commitment, university loyalty, and university satisfaction. Previous studies have ...
  • Hip-Hop and Rap : The Not So Silent Approach to Political Protest in Senegal : Research on Music, Politics, and Colorism 

    Calametti, Cecelia; Hoffmann, Reed; Masias, Ellie; Nunn, Caleb; Vanderpoel, Elijah; Watkins, Frank A. (2018-05)
    In 2011, Senegalese musicians and journalists formed a Rebel Music movement that reached and mobilized the younger generation while placing immense pressure on Senegal’s elected officials. The goal of our project was to ...

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