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A Performance Evaluation of Four Parallel Join Algorithms in a Shared-Nothing Multiprocessor Environment

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Schneider, Donovan A; DeWitt, David J
University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences
Mar 15, 2012
In this paper we analyze and compare four parallel join algorithms. Grace and Hybrid hash represent the class of hash-based methods. Simple hash represents a looping algorithm with hashing, and our last algorithm is the more traditional sort-merge. The performance of each of the algorithms with different tuple distribution policies, the addition of bit vector filters, varying amounts of main-memory for joining, and non-uniformly distributed join attribute values is studied. The Hybrid hash-join algorithm is found to be superior except when the join attribute values of the inner relation are non-uniformly distributed and memory is limited. In this case, a more conservative algorithm such as the sort-merge algorithm should be used. The Gamma database machine serves as the host for the performance comparison.
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