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Marquette interchange perpetual pavement instrumentation project : phase I final report

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Crovetti, James A.; Hornyak, Nicholas J.; Schabelski, Jay P.; Newman, David E.
Wisconsin Highway Research Program
Sep 2007
Monitoring; Fatigue (Mechanics); Strain (Mechanics); Instrumentation; Hot mix paving mixtures; Stresses; Wisconsin; Weigh in motion; Sensors; Perpetual pavements
This report provides details on the design, installation and monitoring of a pavement instrumentation system for the analysis of load-induced stresses and strains within a perpetual hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement system. The HMA pavement was constructed as part of an urban highway improvement project in the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The outer wheel path of the outside lane was instrumented with asphalt strain sensors, base and subgrade pressure sensors, subgrade moisture and temperature sensors, HMA layer temperature sensors, traffic wander strips and a weigh in motion system. Environmental sensors for air temperature, wind speed and solar radiation are also included. The system captures the pavement response from each axle loading and transmits the data through a wireless link to a resident database at Marquette University. The collected data will be used to estimate the fatigue life of the perpetual HMA pavement and to modify, as necessary, pavement design procedures used within the State of Wisconsin.
158 p.
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