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Recreation and Conservation in Wisconsin State Parks

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Chavez, Lainey; Bultman, Brian; McPeake, Scott; Matzke, Chris
Dec 14, 2010
State Parks; Wisconsin; Conservation; Recreation
There exists a debate on whether Wisconsin state parks should focus on conservation or recreational activities. The question posed was, how do recreational activities at Devil's Lake State Park and Wyalusing State Park affect each park's conservation plan? The presented research question interrogates the dilemma between maintaining the natural setting of the park, and the pervasive nature of park visitors. Through engaging interviews with park rangers and recreational enthusiasts and direct personal observations, insight was gleaned into the complicated dynamic between recreation and conservation at the state parks. In the course of this primary data collection, it was concluded that tourism and revenue outweigh the efforts towards conservation at Devil's Lake State Park and Wyalusing State Park.
Includes Charts, Photographs, Interviews, Bibliography.
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