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Science at the Crossroads: The New Union South and the WID/MIR

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Guthier, Mark
Jun 11, 2007
Wisconsin Union
Mark Guthier, director of the Wisconsin Union, will describe plans for the New Union South and the "Science at the Crossroads" part of the WID/MIR building. Discussion will center on how science outreach programs can enhance their services through the use of these two buildings, which will open by 2011. This presentation is a part of "The New Constellation" seminar series, sponsored by The Center for Biology Education, the Science Alliance at UW-Madison, and WISCAPE. The title of the series refers to the forthcoming "bright spots" on campus for science outreach: the Microbial Sciences building (opens fall 2007), the WID/MIR building (opens 2010), the new Union South (opens 2011), and the renovation of Old Biochemistry.
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